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Terms & Conditions


  • NO cancellation of orders once 80% or full payment made.

  • Payment Refund / Goods Exchange / Trade are NOT allowed, unless ordered goods are out-of-stock.

  • Strictly no dead buyers. Please make up your mind before filling in order form.

  • Your orders will be sent immediately to suppliers once preorders deadline is close.

  • Have trust in Rosie Chamber.

  • Preorder goods will take 3-4 weeks* of processing time. Please be patient.

  • Please consolidate and double checked your order entered in the order form before you sent them out.

  • Strictly NO changes is allowed once we received your order form.

  • Rosie Chamber will not be liable for any defects in products.

  • Rosie Chamber shall reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions.


  • NO bargaining for discounts.

  • Buyers who failed to make payment before preorder closing date will be blacklisted.

  • No payment = No orders. (We deeply appreciate your co-operation.)

  • ONLY Rosie e-Card holders are entitled for member's discounts.

  • Payment Method*: Internet banking / ATM transfer / Cheque / Paypal

For Preorders:
  • 80% down-payment is expected to be made *within 3 days from the date of our Invoice for preorders sent in before the last 3 days of preorder opening period.


  • 80% down-payment is expected to be made *the next day from the date of our Invoice for preorders sent in on the last 3 days of preorder opening period.

  • Down-payment will NOT be refunded for cancellation of orders unless the goods is out-of-stock.

For Instocks:
  • Full payment is expected to be made*within 3 days from the date of our Invoice for instocks products.

( *NOTE:

  1. Please inform us once you have made payment to speed up processing time.
  2. Rosie Chamber reserves the rights to cancel buyer's order if payment is not received within the given grace period or / and presented cheque is undishonored / bounced.)

  • Rosie Chamber will NOT hold any responsibility for any damage/loss during delivery.
    (Registered mail option is available for more secure delivery)

  • A follow-up email will be sent to buyers when the shipping goods have arrived.

  • Once full payment received, goods will be mail out using singpost within 2-3 working days

  • For ladies who have very sensitive skins, you are advised to check the products ingredients content before making any purchase of the skincare products, unless you are aware or has used the products before. This is to prevent any unforeseen circumstances or accidents occurance. You may also enquire our friendly customer service for beauty products details.

  • Rosie Chamber shall NOT be held liable in the event of any side effects occurance. Should there be any dispute, we shall stick to the buy at your own risk policy. This policy is to ensure the wellness of all customers and to prevent any unneccessary dispute.

Thank you for your understanding and continuous support. Feel free to check with us if you have any queries on our products. We will try our best to ensure the ease of mind for your purchases here. And we will also welcome any feedbacks or suggestions on our website.

Thank You =)